Feminist Resource Centre/Library

Olakh initiated its activities as the first feminist resource center in Gujarat. The Resource Centre is functional in changing mindsets and bringing people together to share, learn, acquire and express selves. It slowly, but systematically tries to strengthen resource services and mainstreaming feminist literature by active dissemination of information and knowledge. It houses local, national and global issue based materials related to women’s lives and women’s movement in form of books and reports (5,000), posters (560), films and documentaries (225), magazines and journals (40), etc. on various issues ranging from ideology, movements, communication, development, health, violence, law, sexuality and so on.

Today it comprises of a very substantial collection of more than 10.000 issue-based fiction and nonfiction resources in print, audio and video on women, by women and for women along with 25 publications. It provides direct services to students, academicians, researchers and activists.

A very special and distinctive feature of our resource centre is – dissemination of information and knowledge – our focus is to organise feminist discourse to have discussion, debate and dialogue with conceptual clarity and perspective building as a feminist praxis for different stake holders mainly students, young professionals-social workers, grassroots and middle level activists from all disciplines (pursuing professional degrees). The feminist discourse encourages youth to connect with social issues like gender based violence and spin the wheel of change.

Day to Day support and services

  • Reference centre with library (Monday to Friday: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Friendly place for Readers (Reading space/facilities for readers)
  • Translations, production and publications

Future Extension

  • Feminist discourse and praxis through Study circle and film Screening
  • Reader’s club and Reader’s workshop