‘Herstory’ – 100 Women, 100 Lives

Our dream, our contribution to women’s movement – Herstory: The idea is to felicitate and acknowledge the contribution of elderly women above 70 years of Gujarat who have made significant and path breaking contributions in the field of social reform and development at largeThese are women who have been there, standing like mighty rocks in all the tragedies (natural and man-made) that have affected the masses. Many of them have been pioneers in their respective areas and have laid the foundations of the better today that we see and the glorious tomorrow that generations after us will surely experience. They are activists, social reformers, writers, dancers, educationists, social workers, doctors and so on, who have devoted their lifetime for the fellow women and development at large.

Her Story

We are planning to document their life stories, to create ‘her’ story – women’s stories to acknowledge their contribution, struggle and experience in form of a coffee table book with audio, video and photo archive –  their diverse approaches for social, cultural and political reform and development. Later a book on autobiography or biography is planned.

These women have been the vibrant ones to support the freedom movement and peace movement; in remembrance we take this opportunity to come forward and honour, salute and felicitate those big hearted women, who with their struggles, their explicit and enormous contributions to the human kind, have made thousands of lives, worth living.