Feminist Capacity Building (Trainings)

Feminist Capacity building through trainings and workshops nationally as well as internationally for various stake holders is the integral part of Olakh’s activities since its inception. 20 years of our experience say that there is a high time to focus on YOUTH – boys and girls. Hence, Olakh has decided to give more emphasis to organize systematic feminist capacity building trainings for students, professionals, activists including urban and rural youth on gender sensitivity. This process will encourage youth to connect with social issues like gender based violence and spin the wheel of change.

It will provide an opportunity to create conceptual clarity and shared understanding on gender, patriarchy, masculinity, femininity, feminism, human rights, pluralism with sustainable development and its approaches. Right Based Movements, Body literacy with reproductive and sexual rights, Personal safety, legal literacy with Peace and justice, self-awareness and self-growth will increase their understanding, awareness and sensitivity towards social cause.

Also it create a platform for girls and boys to speak out, express their dilemmas, confusion, contradictions, ignorance, as well as to have dialogue on experiences of discrimination and violence.

Olakh’s vision is to promote and to offer feminist capacity building to different groups of individuals from social, developmental and educational institutes and corporate in order to mainstream feminism. 20 experts from different fields who have agreed to join hands and train these groups, sensitize and build up their knowledge base to become future change makers.