Campaigns for Equal and Just Society

Irrespective of their backgrounds wo_men have always faced violence and discrimination right from their wombs to their tombs! Domestic violence from their matrimonial and parental families is a daily phenomenon. Women are not safe in their own homes – their right to be born as women is taken from them; their dignity and pride are demeaned by day-to-day violence and harassment in private and public lives.

Women are used as battlefields to insult men, community, religion, and nations. In patriarchal society they are systematically discriminated against, their identity and status derive from their fathers, brothers, husbands, but not from their own qualities, abilities and achievements. And this is justified with cultural, religious and scientific ideas and patriarchal mind-set.

Olakh in association with other individuals and organizations has successfully organised campaigns to end violence against wo_men including advocacy against sex-determination, elimination of the girl child, Domestic Violence act, sexual harassment of women at the workplace, and sexual violence, rape and assault of women and girls.

To create a favourable public opinion for change, advocacy campaigns are an integral part of the organization’s strategies. The main focus of our campaigns lies in creating awareness, sharing information and building perspective  for equal and just society. The initiative of planning and implementation is carried out with different stake holders through creative strategies. This includes theatre, discussion, debate, essay writing, painting, film screening, singing of songs, slogan writing/ painting on walls, rally and more. The campaigns usually reach out to over 2,000 individuals. Active participation and engagement of youth from planing to implementation is inevitable part of our campaigns.

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