संवाद A Youth Initiative for Equality

‘संवाद’ is a series of intense dialogues with inspiring people who are marching towards transforming their vision of a humane society into reality.

It is a warm, non-judgmental, knowledge based democratic platform for us to speak out our doubts, fears and engage in dialogues to expand our worldview with right based perspective.

Young people have the power to bring about profound change. ‘संवाद’ envisions to create a vibrant community of critical thinkers and leaders who will initiate collective action in social and political reform process for equal and just society.

We meet from 5.30 to 8.30 pm on the 2nd Saturday of every ‘uneven’ month . Save the dates and book your seat now.

Our Concerns to be addressed in ‘संवाद’
Education system in India; Freedom of speech; Reservation policy in India; Diverse sexuality – legal & social aspects; Climate change and its mitigation; Expanding information technology – a blessing or a curse?; Capitalism and its alternatives; Inclusion and Exclusion; People’s Movement in India; Gender Equality; Human Rights and many more. . .