What we do

Over the years Olakh has encompassed different activities and programs like establishing a Feminist Resource Centre (1st in Gujarat), Counselling and Intervention Centre, empowerment program for adolescence, social reconciliation and harmony with justice in times of conflict and calamities, organised value based feminist consciousness raising and perspective building training; sensitizing the youth to engage in social change and development process. In addition to that, Olakh  activated the first toll free helplines 1091 and 2001 in Vadodara, Gujarat. Now the police has taken the helpline over.

Some have been direct responses, some are permanent services and some others are responses to special situations such as the Earthquake (2001), Communal Carnage (2002) and Flash Floods (2005) in Gujarat.

At this juncture Olakh needs to have a breathing space – a pause to have interim space (qualitative time period) to envision, reflect, and review on its past journey as well as its future direction. Also, it is a good time for Olakh to document its journey as we have initiated and carried out many innovative programs and reached diverse constituencies with various strategies. The path so far has been satisfying and full of new learning, challenges filled with both beautiful and at times unpleasant moments. It is very essential for this to be pondered upon before diving in to the future, as it would mean a reality check on the strengths-weaknesses as well as on effective methods. Our experience based learning as well as the best practices of feminist organizations. Certainly, the proposed analytical reflection and documentation of our journey will also provide us vision and guidelines for future direction and enable us to strategize for the next 10 years charter of Olakh. This process will lead to an authentic document about the best practices of feminist organizations.

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Our Collectives  dream is to set up a holistic

Women’s Resource, Retreat and Training Centre

for Creative Energies and Collective Expressions

 – A green Campus