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Each time we speak up, we loosen a brick in the wall of sexual violence against wo_men. Fill the form below to help us strengthen our collective voice. 

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Wo_men’s Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

It starts with you!

Question your own attitude and behaviours and how they may disrespect or harm women. Learn about it and become more sensitive to what might offend others.

Don’t make comments/jokes that make others uncomfortable. Don’t join in or laugh at harassment! Sexist language and street harassment all contribute to a culture of violence.

What YOU can do TO TAKE A STAND against sexual violence:

  • Listen to and believe women’s experiences! This issue is real and serious. Your support will make a difference!
  • Offer help to people who have experienced violence and connect them to support-services.
  • Trust your gut! Don’t walk by if you witness harassment or assault anywhere; assess the risk, then intervene and confront the harasser. Call for help or the police if necessary.
  • Look disapprovingly at the person harassing someone
  • Name the behavior: “You just called her a bitch.” State a principle: “That’s not okay.”
  • Make a command: “Stop harassing people.”
  • Stand next to the person being targeted so they know they are not alone.
  • Ask the target “Are you ok?” or if there is anything you can do to help.

If you’re not willing to confront the harasser directly

  • Distract the harasser by asking time or directions etc.
  • “Accidentally” drop your bags to create a commotion or spill your coffee.
  • Make eye contact with other bystanders and ask, “What should we do to help?“ or yell “Somebody do something!” and get a group together to intervene.
  • Take a picture or video for evidence.
  • Be a role model: Lead by example and talk to your friends, family and co-workers about how they can help to end violence against women. Challenge men to make a difference!

A note on safety: We don’t want anyone to get hurt, always think about safety and consider possibilities that are unlikely to put you or others in harm’s way.