Book Publications

These books were originally written by Kamla Bhasin and translated into Gujarati by Olakh. They draw linkages to power structures and institutions in an easy question-answer format and can be seen as introductions to the topics.

WHAT IS A GIRL? WHAT IS A BOY? explores conventional and socio-cultural typecasting of gender giving rise to gender discrimination and gender specific roles in society. The book furthers the cause of bringing equality to sexes with britht pictures.


What is girl What is boy


SAMAJIK LINGBHED (UNDERSTANDING GENDER) explains differences between sex and gender and how women and gilrs are subjugated on these grounds through concepts, theories and socialization process.




PITRUSATTA SHUN CHE? (WHAT IS PATRIARCHY?) discusses power of patriarchy and its control as manifested in family, property, sexuality and mobility. The book draws linkages to institutions like politics, legal system, media, ecuational and power structures.




NARIVAD AAKHARE CHE SHUN? (WHAT IS FEMINISM?) talks about the concept and definitions of feminism, its types, myths related to it and the history behind.




To be published soon:

MARDANGI (EXPLORING MASCULINITY) deals with the social construction of masculinity. What do we mean when we speak of masculinity? And can we speak of only one masculinity or do we have to consider many masculinities? In what way does this concept control gender relations, social arrangements or religious and family ideologies?

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