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Engagement of Youth in Social Reform and Development Processes - Goonj

‘Goonj’ - an initiative carved by young students and professionals from diverse background thriving to empower underprivileged children by providing them equal opportunities to grow and build their lives. The programs initiated with a thought that every child is special and deserves her_his space to grow. These young volunteers have joined hands with 40 marginalized children at the age of 11 to 15 years to provide a fulfilling and free thinking environment; free from discrimination based on gender, caste, class, ethnicity through workshops and academic support.
Don Bosco Nov '13

International Trainings

Internatinal feminist capacity building through trainings and workshops for various stake holders is the integral part of Olakh’s activities since its inception.
Medica Germany

Resource Centre with Library

'Knowledge is Power' - A distinctive feature of our centre is the dissemination of knowledge and information through various strategies. We provide local, national and global information related to women's lives and women's movement in the form of Books, Reports, Journals, Magazines, Reserach papers and Articles, Novels, Posters and Audio-Video Cassettes in Gujarati, Hindi and English
Study Circle

Rising to Ensure a Safe Vadodara for wo_men

We've initiated our action-based campaign “Rising to Ensure a Safe Vadodara for wo_men” to create awareness and advocate for a gender-inclusive city where every wo_man can exercise the right to access public spaces – free from fear of sexual violence.

संवाद A youth initiative for equality

संवाद’ is a series of intense dialogues with inspiring people who are marching towards transforming their vision of a humane society into reality. It is a warm, non-judgmental, knowledge based democratic platform for us to speak out our doubts, fears and engage in dialogues to expand our worldview with right based perspective.
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