Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a humane society which affirms diversities and equity, celebrates inclusion and complementarities and moves towards sustainable peace and development.

Our mission is to center-stage feminist perspectives and practices in order to challenge existing structures, systems of discrimination and dominance like patriarchy, caste, class and race. To create new forms of human relationships and corresponding institutions based on a Feminist World-View.

Our goal is to create warm, safe, supportive, confidential, non-judgmental, non-sectarian and knowledge based emotional and physical spaces to mutually share, learn, heal and develop with full potential.

Our objectives

… To establish
 a resource base to share, network, interface, and create avenues for self        learning, self-assertion, self worth and self-dignity.

… To mainstream feminist literature and to build new knowledge by recognizing the struggles and contributions of women in the social, cultural, political and economic spheres.

… To raise feminist consciousness and capacity building in order to challenge existing discriminatory power structures and practices to promote empowerment processes through trainings, campaigns and seminars amongst different stake holders.

… To create an opportunity for active engagement of youth in social reform and development processes and enhance their role as negotiators and change agents (feminist activists and thinkers) for sustainable development based on justice and equality.

… To contribute to an inclusive, women friendly discourse in creating a violence free society with safety and security of all, while respecting diversity and coexistence.

… To provide space to those experiencing violence, discrimination, injustice and consequent emotional, mental distress to heal and take control of their lives.

… To network, lobby and advocate with other movements for macro level policy changes that reflect from micro-level realities and experiences.

… To emphasize synergies between academicians, policy makers and activists to enhance current models of development.