Be with us as an Intern or Volunteer!

The Olakh journey has taught me about the great power that lies within every woman, regardless of culture, religion, social status or educational background. It confronted me with my own fears and stereotypes, and at the end of the journey it has made me to come face to face with my own “Olakh”, my own Identity.” Reka Dobri (Romania), August to October 2005 

Olakh welcomes passionate, committed individuals with varied and innovative skills as interns or placement students to share, learn and grow together. We engage with students through their placements in our organization as we believe that it gives us an opportunity to reach out to young people and create an opportunity for them to engage in social action and build their perspectives and capacity in order to enhance their role in social reform and development process as negotiators and change agents on gender, human rights, and development.

Student placements have remained a consistent activity of our organization since 2001. We have had a steady flow of placement students, interns and volunteers from various organizations, educational institutions – both Indian and international. All in all, more than 125 of them from diverse religious backgrounds, different cities and universities have so far contributed to Olakh’s activities with a wide range of professional and theoretical skills and backgrounds.

“Once engaged with Olakh, it won’t let you go. I never felt out of place, rather I felt like I belong here. For me, Olakh is a space to share feminist thougts, to grow and get to know yourself. It will always have a space in my heart.” Verena Dillenberger (Germany), August 2013 to July 2014

Being a placement center for Universities, students from faculties such as social work, fine arts, management, sociology, psychology, home science‚ political science, economics and others have come on their own initiative as interns and placement students to learn and grow on a professional and personal level.

The tasks of the intern or placement student change as a function of the particular project and time of his or her placement. In general, it depends on their skills, interests and passion in the work where they want to get involved, because there are lots of different activities and programs, all one needs is to be self-initiate.

“Working in Olakh gives you the feeling as if you are working in your own home. Relaxed and comfortable, but dedicated.” Arpita Desai (Vadodara), December 2005 to Febuary 2006

We also welcome those who want to write an academic paper, thesis or construct a survey on a topic related to gender, women’s rights or any other topic linked to this field. But let us herewith clarify that Olakh is first and foremost a feminist organisation that works for the feminist cause and not an academic or research organization. Hence research study is generally accomodated primarily to serve and fulfill students’ interests and requirements.

Join us if you are an open and flexible person with special interest in social reform and development process! Individuals who are willing to be part of building a gender just society will enjoy their day to day life at Olakh. Before applying please see our Guideline for Placement at Olakh

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