Olakh’s recent effort consists of involving youth in social action and development processes to enhance their role as negotiators and change agents. ‘Goonj’ – an initiative carved by young students and professionals from diverse background thriving to empower underprivileged children by providing them equal opportunities to grow and build their lives.

The program initiated on August 2012 by around 20 youth volunteers with a thought that every child is special and deserves her_his space to grow. These young volunteers have joined hands with 40 marginalized children at the age of 11 to 15 years to provide a fulfilling and free thinking environment free from discrimination based on gender, caste, class, ethnicity through workshops and academic support.

We believe that each child has potential – something that s_he can be the best at. We don’t choose it for them, but merely create an environment which gives them   proper exposure to identify their strengths, to think, speak and learn what they like;   basically a milieu to support their development. Our effort is to provide our children   a forum to grow creatively and expand their cognitive horizon.

We organize capacity and skill building workshops and offer academic   support to enhance leadership, increase self-confidence and effective interpersonal   communication. Through ‘Goonj’ we try to offer surroundings of respect for their self   and others.

This is a platform for young and energetic hearts willing to participate and share your skills/knowledge/thoughts/etc. with us and the children. As the program is largely run on voluntary basis we are on a constant lookout for sensitive and active individuals.

See the Brochure in Gujarati and English.