Dialogue on Feminism on 9th March 2016

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Dialogue on Feminism on 9th March 2016

On 9th March 2016, Kamla Bhasin deconstructed the main concepts, myths and facts about Feminism, Gender, Masculinity and Patriarchy with a group of 70 concerned individuals from diverse professional and private backgrounds.

Kamla Bhasin’s visit to Olakh ended with a one-day seminar which gave us another chance to listen to her unequaled way of analyzing social structures and human relationships. By singing feminist songs, telling humorous stories and questioning so-called cultural or religious traditions she provoked our thoughts and perceptions

“Nature makes diversity, society makes inequality and hierarchy.” – Kamla Bhasin

Interacting with Kamla Bhasin and experiencing her deep empathy and modesty strengthened our conviction to actively challenge social structures and champion wo_men’s rights.

“All issues of the world are gendered. We all can practice Feminism in day to day’s acts.” – Female Participant