Calendar 2016

Rising to make Public Places free from Sexual Violence: 

In 2016, Olakh came out with the ‘Safety Calendar 2016’ as part of our efforts to create awareness and to initiate people to act on the issue of sexual violence in public places. It comprises creative approaches, facts and tips to portray our vision of every wo_man and girl moving freely and fearlessly at any time in any place!

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differently abled






Calendar 1997

Women and Violence:

These posters discuss the importance of women coming together against violence in different areas. They display the fight against fears within society and self, alternatives to suicide, the necessity to recognize seriousness of rape, the vulnerability of girls to harmful designs of kin, and the hope for self-realisation and liberation through poetry, illustrations and statistical analysis.

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Calendar 1994

Women’s Rights, Contribution and Status in Family and Society:

These posters tell the story of the socialization of a girl child and all the discriminations that she faces. It contains children’s illustrations and provides information on women’s movement. Issues of welcoming the birth of a girl child, girls’ right to education, nutrition and health care, taboos women face at home and in society and ways to overcome them, and the need for women-friendly judiciary and law, are discussed.

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Calendar 1993

Women’s Status and Women’s Identity in Society:

This series of posters reflects the issues of female foeticide, women’s secondary status perpetuated by religion, women’s impoverishment, the struggle of single women and women’s struggle to create her identity.

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